Weekend Breakfast Indulgence
Feb 22, 2016
As you step out of the office doors on Friday, you know that the next morning is for indulging in our favorite weekend activity, be it waking up for a morning hike, heading out with the kids or just sleeping in; weekends are meant for taking things slow because time is on our hands!

Weekend mornings are also the time when we head out for a hearty breakfast with the family. At McDonald’s we have a sumptuous array of your breakfast favourites, from sausage hot off the grill, crispy golden Hash Browns, freshly toasted English Muffins and scrambled eggs, perfect for your weekend indulgence.

Since there is no need to rush, you will have the time to enjoy the hearty McD Big Breakfast. Take the time to slice into the juicy grilled flat sausage and bite into the fluffy scrambled eggs and toasted English Muffin. Oh, and not forgetting the golden, crispy McD Hash Browns served with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea.

If you or the little ones prefer something sweet, the round and fluffy Hotcakes are just what you need. Served hot off the grill, the margarine will just slide off the Hotcakes and soak up all the sweet goodness as you drizzle the delicious syrup over it. Slice into it and savour mouthfuls of fluffy sweet goodness with a hint of fragrant margarine, just the way Hotcakes should be enjoyed. For an extra bit of sweetness, ask our morning crew for the grape jam.

Enjoying the sumptuous McD Big Breakfast and Hotcakes is not just confined to a McDonald’s restaurant because they are also packed into the Family Breakfast Box along with other McDonald’s breakfast must-haves for you to bring along on your favourite weekend activity!

The Family Breakfast Box has something for everyone with McDonald’s breakfast favourites such as the Big Breakfast with Hash Browns, Hotcakes, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Egg McMuffin with Chicken Roll and Hash Browns. You can even opt for your usual cup of coffee or choose to leisurely sip on a cup of tea instead because there is no need to rush!

Feel free to plan any family outings or activities on the weekends without worrying about breakfast, because all you have to do is to drop by McD and breakfast will be served.

Weekends are important to rejuvenate, reconnect with loved ones, explore new interest and above all indulge because these are the only days of the week when there is no need to rush and time is all we’ve got! This weekend, start your weekend indulgence bright and early and savour every minute together with your family over a hearty breakfast at McDonald’s.