May 24, 2017 - Keindahan Ramadan telah tiba dengan menu istimewa di McD!
Transformers & My Little Pony Happy Meal® toys!
Mar 20, 2017

Experience magic beyond the galaxy at McDonald’s with the incredible Transformers and beautiful My Little Pony toys!

Join the fight for justice with the mighty Transformers and learn about friendship and kindness with the magical My Little Pony! 8 toys to be collected with your Happy Meal®.

Our adventure begins with the arrival of the righteous Optimus Prime. Join in as he wields his battle sword and fights off the bad guys Decepticons to bring peace to the planet. Joining him this week is the fashion queen Rarity. Put on your best costume and strut the runway with Rarity while making sure her tail is kept beautiful with the comb and mirror included!

Making an appearance next is the ever popular Bumblebee. The small but fast Bumblebee will teach your child the meaning of loyalty and determination. Spend hours gliding through the sand or transform him to fly high into the galaxy when you attach his yellow wings. Appearing alongside is Princess Twilight Sparkle carrying with her a secret book which will take some magic from your little one to unlock.

In week 3, the powerful dinosaur Grimlock stomps in and takes control of the battle. Prepare for hours of fun when you lock and load the powerful missile to his hand or back and take aim to fight off the bad guys. Also strolling in this week is Pinkie Pie who loves everything pink and pretty! She brought with her balloon stamps for your little one to create beautiful notes or cards to share with friends.

The last week sees the female warrior Cadet Strongarm fight for justice in Transformers. Your little one will have Strongarm blasting off the Decepticons with her blue rifle alongside the army of other Autobots in a full-on battle mode. Rounding up My Little Pony collection is Rainbow Dash. Sail through the skies and create beautiful rainbows when you use the magical comb to brush her rainbow tail.

So get ready for a magical adventure at McD beginning 27 April. Collect all 8 toys with your Happy Meal® today! Hurry as stocks are limited!