The Taste of Prosperity
Dec 1, 2016
It’s the time of the year where we look forward to spending quality time with those we love and who matter the most. This is the time where new memories are cherished, good old times rekindled and plenty of laughter is shared.

Make these precious moments together even more memorable with the familiar taste of Prosperity.

From 1 Dec onwards, both Beef Prosperity Burger and Chicken Prosperity Burger are back to satisfy your craving for this rich, peppery taste that you've missed. Enjoy the succulent chicken patty or juicy beef patty dipped in mouthwatering black pepper sauce, topped with fresh onions, sandwiched in a sesame seed bun. Whether you are a chicken or beef lover, you can now relish in the delicious taste of Prosperity.

For those of you with a bigger appetite or just simply can’t get enough of the Prosperity Burger, double it up for more satisfaction!

Accompanying all your Prosperity Burger Meals, are the perfectly seasoned, crispy Twister Fries in all their golden glory that are simply irresistible. You can also upgrade other McDonald’s meals served with regular French Fries to the Twister Fries too, because how can you ever get enough of these golden curls? :)

After all the tantalising Prosperity goodness, complete your meal with the refreshingly tangy Prosperity McFizz. Its zesty flavours will simmer down your taste buds from all the peppery excitement.

Indulge in the one-and-only taste of Prosperity McDonald’s today.