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Lego Batman Happy Meal Toys
Jan 31, 2017

We just couldn’t get enough of him in The Lego Movie, so now Batman returns in black and yellow, starring in his own blockbuster – the Lego Batman Movie. The movie is set to crash into cinemas on 9 February 2017, however we just couldn’t wait!

Introducing, 8 exclusive Lego Batman Happy Meal Toys that will bring out the inner child in all Brick Fanatics and Batman fans while being able to spend precious bonding time with the little ones.

Set the gears in motion and get into character with the Batman and Batgirl masks. Whether you are defeating villains with wit and brawn like Batman or distracting them with your Batgirl charm, these masks will tap into your inner superhero.

Week 2 sees the incoming of two unique tin boxes that are shaped in the silhouette of Batman/Batgirl and Catwoman/Robin. Hidden inside are fun jigsaw puzzles and stickers to have fun with. It is the perfect time to bond with your little ones with a little help from Batman and his crew.

Swooping in during week 3 are the Batman and Batgirl 3D viewers that will immerse you in all the heart-thumping escapades of the dynamic duo. Who knows, your little ones could get imaginative and create their own storylines as well. The possibilities are endless when Gotham city and a little imagination join forces.

Rounding up the collection in week 4 are the Batman/Batgirl and Robin/Catwoman cups that add a special superhero's touch to sipping on your favourite drink. If your child dislikes drinking water, these fun cups could help you persuade them a little better and add some fun to the entire process.

For a closer look at all 8 Happy Meal toys, check out this fun unboxing video.

Are you buzzing with excitement? Then assemble your squad and join the Lego Batman Cosplay Contest. Heroes of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome! Round up your family and friends, create your squad costumes and snap a photo. Upload it to Instagram and hashtag #mcdlegobatmanmy. You will stand to win limited edition Batman Lego Sets and McDonald’s cash vouchers too!

Wait no more and join in on all the action today!