Justice League Happy Meal Toys
Jan 5, 2017

Comic superhero movies have been hitting the big screens with plenty of action and it is not about to stop. With Wonder Woman and Justice League set to release this year, you can be assured that 2017 will be another major superhero year. We are so excited about it that our first Happy Meal collection of the year is featuring none other than our DC Comics heroes! It is the perfect time to introduce your little ones to these great heroes that you grew up with.

Kicking off the collection is the dark knight caped crusader; Batman. The crime fighting billionaire swings straight into action in week 1 fighting crime equipped with agility, wit and high-tech weapons. Join the Bat on his crusades and morph into Kara Zor-El with the Supergirl Headband and feel superhuman strength and speed that possesses the Girl of Steel.

Week 2 is the week of the Super family as the Man of Steel himself descends to fight evil Lex Luther and protect the people of earth. He is joined by his cousin, Supergirl who is as strong and fast as he is but lacks self-restraint as she learns more about her powers and tries to understand the inhabitants and planet better.

In week 3, get ready as the world’s fiercest attacker - Hawkman the ancient Egyptian Prince Khufu, armed with his trusty mace. Hawkman is on a single-minded mission to serve justice to all criminals of the world. Partner up with the fearsome Hawkman and get into character as the mighty Amazonian princess with the Wonder Woman Tiara. Evil will have no chance against this deadly pair.

If playing about with the Hawkman figurine is not enough, in week 4 you can become the most feared warrior in the world with the Hawkman Mask. You may not possess his power of flying and enhanced strength, but you will definitely look rather intimidating. Last but definitely not least, rounding up the Justice League Happy Meal collection is the one and only Wonder Woman who has beauty, brains and brawn. This immortal Amazon princess fights hard to help bring peace and humanity to this cynical world.

There you have it, 4 action-packed weeks that you just couldn’t miss. It is the perfect way to get your little ones excited about the upcoming movies while you get a chance to geek out about your favourite childhood heroes as well. So hurry up to McDonald’s and collect all 8 Justice League Happy Meal toys!