Oct 5, 2017 - The NEW Thai Fish Burger with green curry sauce, it's a taste to THAI for!
Dec 17, 2015
When asked what do Malaysians love, really only two things come to mind – our “LAT” a.k.a spicy food and lepak-ing with our friends. We are not making this up, if you’ve checked out our #ineedtheLAT video and you’ll agree with us unanimously.

As much as our lovely tropical rainforest climate allows us to hang out with our friends at all hours of the day, it seriously gets hot and sticky especially after a typically spicy Malaysian meal.

This is why we love our ice. Iced drinks, iced blended and cold desserts, you name it.

But if you are looking for ice that is truly exciting, meet our #McDFrozen trio – Frozen Coke, Fanta Frozen & Frozen Mix!

The line up starts with one of the world’s favorite carbonated drink, the Coca-Cola, served extra cold for an extra exciting experience. If you are a Coca-Cola lover, the Frozen Coke will have you lovin’ it even more!
If you are looking for a cup of frozen sensation with a twist, try the Fanta Frozen. It is a fantastically fun cup of icy purple treat made from the crisp & sweet Fanta Grape. It tastes refreshingly delightful, making it the perfect real frozen treat with real taste suited for anytime of the day.

On days that you are feeling indecisive or just want to step up the fun factor, just mix them both together! The Frozen Mix, is an equal combination of both Frozen Coca-Cola and Fanta Frozen, this definitely takes the frozen drink game to a whole new level. Dare you take the challenge?
Whichever you choose, the #McDFrozen is best enjoyed with your buddies for the ultimate fun and enjoyment. But even in situations where you need the ice badly, be it to beat the sweltering heat or to put off a burning sensation from all the “LAT” you’ve been having, RM1 is all you need for a 12oz. cup of real frozen taste. #ineedthe AIS