May 24, 2017 - Keindahan Ramadan telah tiba dengan menu istimewa di McD!
A Deal That Delivers Real Value
Jan 5, 2017

Ever rushed to a store to take advantage of a 50% savings only to realise you need to spend a minimum of RM100 and purchase 3 of the same item? Or have you purchased in bulk due to a 40% discount sticker then realised the original price has been hiked up and you did not actually save much.

Every day we are bombarded with promos and deals that are full of asterisks and fine prints, determining which deal delivers real, tangible savings can be an art. The great news is with the NEW McSavers Mix & Match menu at McDonald’s, there’s no need for complicated arithmetics, all you need to know is 1 + 1 = RM5.99!

Here’s how it works, there are 2 zones - red and white - each filled with your favourite McDonald’s line-up. All you need to do is pick one from the Red zone and one from the White zone, however much the total adds up to, you only pay RM5.99. It’s that simple! 

Whether you are after something filling like McChicken and Apple Pie, a light snack of Strawberry Sundae and Fries or a warm meal that includes the Bubur Ayam McD and a hot cup of coffee; feel free to mix and match however you like and pay no more than RM5.99! The choice is yours! :)

Regardless of your craving, McSavers Mix & Match is the perfect choice with a variety of sweet, savoury, hot and refreshing options.

Enjoying tangible savings at McD need not be complicated. Come and relish in a satisfying meal at great value and stretch every ringgit you have. Satisfy your cravings at McD today!