Recent Chili Sauce Incident at McDonald's Taman Buaya
25 Sep 2023

We wish to address the recent incident at McDonald's Taman Buaya, where a customer was charged for requesting additional chili sauce at our restaurant. We take this matter seriously and wish to provide an explanation. 

After conducting an internal investigation and reviewing CCTV footage, we discovered that there was an initial oversight on our part where the customer was unintentionally provided with an insufficient amount of chili sauce. Our staff then promptly provided additional packets of chili sauce when requested by the customer. 

However, at that point, the customer became extremely irate and verbally aggressive toward our staff. The customer insisted on paying for an additional 10 packets of chili sauce and urged our crew to issue a receipt for this purchase. Despite our crew's attempts to clarify that chili sauce is provided free of charge, the customer angrily insisted on being charged for the 10 packets.

McDonald's Malaysia is deeply disappointed with the actions of the customer, who not only displayed aggression toward our staff but also posted inaccurate information about the incident on social media. We have reported this incident to the police to ensure the safety of our crew in light of the customer's aggressive behaviour. 

We would like to reiterate that McDonald's Malaysia offers all our customers chili sauce at no additional cost. Additionally, at McDonald’s Malaysia, we hold our crew members in high regard as frontliners who consistently strive to deliver exceptional service to Malaysians at all times. Their welfare and wellbeing will always be our utmost priority. 

25 September 2023
Issued by McDonald’s Malaysia 


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